Sustaining Activism: Clarify What Matters

With so much need for change in our world, our nation, and in our communities, how can one person make a difference? There are so many options and issues calling for our attention, we can end up overwhelmed and doing little. The truth is no one can do it all—and trying leads to burnout. In this 1-hour class, discover a simpler way to make a difference. Learn how to filter out the noise, focus your energies, and renew your commitment to being part of the solution in a sustainable way.

Pay what you can: Fees collected for this class cover our expenses and support the work of Americans of Conscience. Please pay what you can or cover the admission of someone who can’t. PayPal and credit cards are accepted.

What you get: The Sustaining Activism worksheet, a detailed class outline, and a complete video recording of the full class to guide you through the process of completing the worksheet.