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Why ask for support?

Because I want this work to continue.

Writing and managing the creation of a list of clear, well-researched actions in support of values we can all agree on, like democracy, voting access, equality for all Americans, and basic respect for aspiring Americans, isn’t a job I could have predicted for myself before 2016. But today, nothing means more to me than this work, and it is my full-time job. It’s my intention to keep producing the Checklist for as long as you support it.

So if you find value in the Checklists and the work the AoCC Team and I do to produce them, please consider becoming a Patron or Donor. It is only with your help that we can continue bringing you the AoC Checklist!

What are the costs?

The costs include the technology, time, and tools required to produce the AoC Checklist, a unique combination of well-researched actions and encouragement that’s free of partisan antagonism.

The AoC Checklist is always 100% free, but it isn’t cheap. Here is some idea of cost breakdown:

  • My Labor: I personally spend about 30-35 hours per week writing, editing, and marketing the AoC Checklist. I’m also responsible for recruiting and training our robust and committed team of over 50 volunteers and managing our online internal community. If I were charging my current hourly writing rate ($75/hour) or consulting rate ($85/hour), the time I spend on AoC Checklist production would cost at least $6,750/month.
  • Publications: Because we rely on high-quality, in-depth journalism, I provide the team with subscriptions to The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Nation, and The Atlantic, and several others. ~ $75/month
  • Web Hosting: Siteground. ~ $15/month
  • Email Service: Aweber. ~ $85/month
  • Freelancers: In addition to our team of volunteers, we also rely on the services of freelance web designers, virtual assistants, consultants, and various talented folks to keep AoC and all of its component parts running smoothly. These costs vary throughout the months, but average out to be ~ $825/month.
  • Risk Adjustment: When the AoC Checklist took off in 2017, I let go of my regular copywriting clients in order to focus solely on this work. I’ve run my own business for many years now and am familiar with some uncertainty and variable income. However, leaving that to run a passion project supported entirely by optional pay-what-you-want donations brings a new and substantial level of personal and professional risk. This risk adjustment covers things like an interrupted copywriting career, quarterly taxes, and the unexpected costs and fees that always show up when running a business. Cost: ~10% of total cost/month

Total Cost Per Month: $8,525 / Month

Why should you care about supporting the AoC Checklist?

Because we’re helping formerly-apathetic Americans take empowered, positive actions that make a real difference in order to create the kind of nation we want to live in together.

This Checklist started out with 30 email addresses written on a sheet of paper from friends who weren’t sure what to trust on social media. Today, we reach over 50,000 by email, more than a hundred thousand on Twitter and Instagram, and over a million people on Facebook each month.

The people we reach tell us this simple checklist helps them channel anxiety into constructive action. They feel hopeful and empowered to speak up. Because our message focuses on values, not criticizing people, it’s a guide for folks from many walks of life–from #BlueWave activists, local postcarding groups, to disenfranchised moderate Republicans.

People compliment our thorough research, clear writing, and deliberate avoidance of polarization. We’re here to create a kinder, flourishing nation together, regardless of party.

This is a mission we believe in, and want to continue for as long as it is needed. And for that, we need your support.

Can I send you a check?

Sure! Please make it payable to Jennifer Hofmann (I cannot cash checks made out to Americans of Conscience). Mail to: P.O. Box 925, Silverton, Oregon 97381

I’m a Patron and I want to change the amount I’m giving each month. How do I do that?

Just follow the instructions from Patreon here: Update my membership amount

I’m a Patron. Can I update the payment method I’m using?

Yes. Follow the instructions from Patreon here: How do I update my payment information?

Are you a 501(c)(3)? Is my contribution tax deductible?

Not currently, though we are in discussion about becoming one. In the meantime, I pay federal and state taxes on all donations. This means your contributions are not tax deductible.

Need more reasons to contribute?

See what our subscribers say about their experiences with the AoC Checklist:

“The checklist helps me focus my actions to be more effective in my activism. It gives me a concrete tool that acts as an antidote to overwhelm and despair.”

-Tara M., New Hampshire

“Since 2016, it’s been tricky to stay informed, but not get depressed. The AoC Checklist gives me links to reliable news, and most importantly, concrete actions I can take to channel anger and despair into change. There are lots of options. Some are big, some are small, so I can fit it into my day, my life, my level of energy. It always makes me feel better.”

-Anna W., Washington

“The last couple of years has taught me that democracy is not a participation sport. Watching from the sidelines is not enough. AoC offers me impactful, well researched ways to participate in this democracy.”

-Sandy S., Tennessee

“The AoC Checklist saves me time to the point that I’m contacting members of Congress more often and succinctly because I’m not alone in keeping up with all the news. I’m like so many other Americans: I work full time, my husband works full time, we have 3 kids/2 dogs/16 chickens and endless household chores, but I am concerned about our democracy in a way I never dreamed. Without this Checklist I’d be overwhelmed, but this breaks the task down to doable bites.”

-Melissa M., Wisconsin

“The most promising thing I’ve embarked on since November 2016 is the Americans of Conscience Checklist. It provides excellent information that I can act on about issues, messages and people to contact. I especially appreciate AoCC’s positive approach, focusing on what we support or oppose, and avoiding inflammatory and divisive language. Bottom line, being active with AoCC keeps me hopeful.”

Chris D., New York

“While the AoC Checklist reflects the seriousness of our responsibility, it does not overhype or shout. This work requires steady and constant progress, and the AoCC is a great tool to remain grounded.”

Jen T., Minnesota

“It’s the right mix of information, inspiration, and actionable steps.”

Nancy K., Rhode Island

“The AoC checklist saves me tons of time. I have all my civic to-dos in one place and can even choose to prioritize the topics that matter most to me because the list is so well organized. I get hundreds of emails from organizations I believe in but it takes forever to wade through them all. I especially love the gratitude section. It feels wonderful to write thank you’s to politicians for doing the right thing.”

Anna P., New York

“The AoC Checklist has kept me engaged when I’ve felt lost and has kept me afloat when I’ve wanted to tune out and ignore the world.”

Sarah M., Wisconsin

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Your support ensures the continued production of the Americans of Conscience Checklist, and we are immensely grateful for it!