Empowered, positive action.

Make a difference in your democracy.

Empowered, positive action.

Make a difference in your democracy.

If you believe

that diversity is our greatest strength,

that respect, truth, and compassion matter,

and that we are called to love our neighbor,

You are an American of conscience.

What is in the Americans of Conscience Checklist?

1. A list of clear, well-researched actions in support of things we can all agree on:

  • Democracy
  • Voting access
  • Equality for all Americans
  • Basic respect for aspiring Americans

2. Thank-you notes to people advocating for these issues on both sides of the aisle.

3. Encouraging good news about the values we share.

What isn’t in the Americans of Conscience Checklist.

Anything that distracts or demoralizes. 

  • No partisan b.s., name-calling, or insults.
  • No exclamation marks or yelling.
  • No vilifying.
  • No conspiracy theories.
  • No scary hype.

A democracy needs all of us engaged and working together. We already have enough polarization in the US. We strive not to add to it.

Idealistic? Yes. Worth it? Definitely.


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