Empowered, positive action.

Make a difference in your democracy.

If you believe that

diversity is our nation’s greatest strength

respect, truth, and compassion matter

we can create a brighter future together

You are an American of conscience. 

What’s in the Americans of Conscience Checklist?

Clear, timely, and well-researched scripts to support:

  • A better democracy and expanded voting access
  • Equality and justice for all Americans
  • A thriving planet

Thank-you notes to courageous people and leaders

Good news about all the things going right in the U.S.

What’s not in the Americans of Conscience Checklist.

  • No polarizing language
  • No us vs. them escalation
  • No conspiracy theories
  • No partisan drama

We already have enough polarization in the US. 

AoCC offers a thoughtful way to take action and create the brighter future we know is possible.

See sample Checklists here.


Join 50,000+ kind, concerned Americans
speaking up for a better democracy, a thriving planet,
and equality for all people.

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