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Who should subscribe?

Anyone who wants to act on their values but isn’t quite sure where to start.

-Samantha W., RI

I am participating in a growing community of people who are acting on issues, not on partisan hype or sensationalized clickbait. The checklist works against divisiveness by focusing on values, not personalities or parties.

-Susan L., MN

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What’s in the Americans of Conscience Checklist?

Action: Clear, concise actions every other week to:

  • Ensure that democracy thrives
  • Ensure that Americans enjoy abundant liberties
  • Ensure that Earth gets cooler and greener

Encouragement: Lists of good news from around the country:

  • Celebrating progress for democratic norms
  • Celebrating wins for justice and equity
  • Celebrating strides toward a thriving planet

What’s not in the Checklist?

We leave antagonism at the door:

  • No partisan name-calling or insults.
  • No vilifying.
  • No conspiracy theories.
  • No scary hype.

The U.S. is already burdened by polarization; our publication strives not to add to it.

Let’s get to work — together.

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What our subscribers say:

The AoC Checklist provides me unbiased coverage of current events, easy, clear actions I can take for the causes I believe in, and lists of good news stories so I can feel like the work I am doing matters.

  • Joan G., CA

The Checklist provides excellent information that I can act on about issues, messages, and people to contact. I especially appreciate AoCC’s positive approach, focusing on what we support or oppose, and avoiding inflammatory and divisive language. Bottom line, being active with AoCC keeps me hopeful.

-Chris D., NY

The AoC Checklist helps me feel empowered, informed, and engaged.

  • Rebecca G., CA

Using the Checklist makes me feel like I have a voice, like I am making a difference, and like what I’m doing matters.

– Meagan D., ME

The AoC Checklist makes advocacy less intimidating: it includes specific action steps, scripts, and links for more information. It also helps me stay positive through the process.

– Brooklyn W., KS

It’s easy these days to feel hopeless, but the AoC Checklist is like a guidepost showing you paths forward and cheering you on.

– Lindsay J., IA

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The AoC checklist is the best way I have of coping with the news I hear;
instead of feeling defeated, I take action.

– Kelly R., OR