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Marissa Bracke is AoCC’s amazing Admin Assistant, and professionally, she’s a Can-Do-Ologist who loves marketing strategy and “why isn’t this working?” troubleshooting for solo and small businesses. She knows a thing or two about how to get things done, and her wise words this week are just what we needed to hear.

Seeking permission sometimes looks a lot like seeking feedback. 

We might run an idea past a friend or a mentor. We might ask our online community for feedback. Doing this is fine, by the way, and can be incredibly useful.

Sometimes when we do it, though, what we’re looking for isn’t so much substantive feedback as it is… well, permission. A figurative stamp of approval that we trust, so that we feel supported in what we want to do. It can even relieve some of the anxiety we might feel around going forward.

In the month of May, it seemed timely to offer you ten things you, ahem, may do: pre-approved, permission slip signed, support at your back.

Which one(s) sing out to you? 

  1. You may care for yourself. You matter.
  2. You may engage in whimsy and humor, and also care deeply about social and political issues. Both are vital.
  3. You may rest. You do not owe the world your exhaustion.
  4. You may be curious. Compassionate curiosity can build bridges where it appeared there was no way to connect.
  5. You may forgive yourself. Your worth is not defined by your missteps.
  6. You may take action even in ways that seem small. Small actions create change too.
  7. You may sometimes feel angry, sad, or afraid, without apology. Your feelings are valid. Remember that taking heart-centered action is empowering.
  8. You may trust the quiet voice within. You might even let it lead the way.
  9. You may keep an open heart. There is hope where there is love.
  10. You may believe in a kinder America. There are many believing alongside you. And together, it is possible.

And as you may gather, you have inherent permission to do all of these. Always have, always will. But for the days you need that stamp of approval or support at your back? We’ve got you covered right here.

Drop a comment to let us know how these land for you. And please share your own “permissions slips” you’re writing for yourself! Others may find yours to be just what they need too.