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This week, you get to help inspire us and each other by sharing the qualities of our nation you wish for in the comment section below.

  • What are your greatest hopes for America?
  • What kind of nation do you want to live in?
  • What values do you want our nation to embody?

When things look bleak, we risk losing sight of our hopes and better angels. That’s why we’re asking you this now, as the election year kicks off. Please share and read each others’ comments. You’ll find you’re not alone in your dogged optimism for what we can accomplish together.

With gratitude,
Jen Hofmann and the AoCC Team

P.S. After you comment and read, be sure to check out this week’s actions in the latest AoCChecklist!


  1. A nation full of possibilities and hope, where people live without simmering dread over what happens if they “fall through the cracks,” where healthcare is universal and easily accessible, where there is affordable, safe housing for all, and the safety net is robust. A country where every public school is a good school, neither income nor race determines your life expectancy or opportunities, and parents have all the support they need: affordable, quality childcare, paid time off, and free or nearly free college. A nation that seriously addresses environmental threats, and poverty, infrastructure and inequity. A nation of liberty, where people are free to live and love and express themselves without any fear. A place where women have complete sovereignty over their bodies and reproductive choices. A nation where firearms are treated like vehicles, requiring licensing, registration, training, and insurance — where children feel safe at school and gun violence is a fraction of current levels. A place where information flows freely and libraries are revered. A nation with a renewed Fairness Doctrine and factual media. A nation where Citizens United has been repealed, ranked choice voting is commonplace, there is no Electoral College and the Senate is proportional in its representation of the states. A nation where the absurdly wealthy pay fair taxes without loopholes, all workers earn a living wage, and laborers have representation in all workplace decisions. An economy based on human wellbeing not corporate profits, where politics and governance are free from bribery by wealth, and where the military budget is actually sane. America CAN do all of this, if we have the will to make this nation work for people, not profit. Imagine the full, happy, healthy and productive lives our children and grandchildren could enjoy if we simply enact the policies that the majority of Americans actually want, as shown by years and years of polling and research. Just imagine.

    • Amen, Cathie. You’ve covered everything I thought I might want to say, but I just want to reframe some of what you said in terms of the “care economy.” Can America learn to put people, a meaningful existence, and a healthy environment at the center of its concerns, divesting from its fascination with wealth and all the harm such economic inequality creates? I would like to live in a country where we take care of each other, learning from others who do this better than we do, and where we admire and amplify the voices of kind, creative people rather than violent, selfish megalomaniacs.

    • Well said, Cathie!
      I was going to emphasize PEOPLE ABOVE PROFITS, and you have done it with lots of specifics about into what policies that translates!
      Thank you!!

    • Thank you Cathie. It is inspiring to read what you have written because it is all that I believe. I will add that we can no longer support Industrial Growth Society, as it is unsustainable, and has gotten us where we are now. Instead, I am living in the Age of Enough, a term coined by Susan Bauer Wu, author of A Future WE Can Love: How We Can Reverse the Climate Crisis with the Power of Our Hearts and Minds.

    • Thank you, Cathie! What a beautiful summary of potential and possibility for America!
      Perhaps everyone can find one action to carry forward from your amazing list of possibilities, and work on it, to fruition! We can do this. We don’t have to accept a corrupt dismantling and willful destruction of our democracy, often done for profit making, using cruel and perverted policies or laws, any more than we have to accept the politicization of our national security to serve corrupt interests in power. When we corrupt the intent and spirit of our Constitution, (as was done under the Heller decision), the flood gates open in corrupting whether the 4th Amendment section 3 says what it clearly says, whether womens rights to insure their own bodily safety is protected and enshrined in precedents set 50 years ago, or whether the profit interests of conglomerates are the purpose for which we are all bound to in laws and policies created, and the reason for why all exist. We are witnessing a dismantling of democracy. It’s been going on for decades in small ways that we have adapted to, but we do not have to live this way.
      I’m choosing to work on your amazing “Imagine Democracy” list, Cathie! What choices will each of us make today?

  2. An end to Fox News’ cynical gross distortion of how the US is doing, a greater danger to democracy than Trump.

  3. All of what Connie said plus:
    Big interconnected wilderness habitat corridors
    Public universities not in pockets of big ag but rather working to refine, develop, and expand what is evident about the need for heathy soil with full food web or organisms; aerobic composting in every community and local food abundance/quality/security as a result.
    Public transit / bike infrastructure that works for work and play.
    Solar power, green roofs
    Educational system that celebrates kids and helps ameliorate, not exacerbate, the worries of the world.

  4. A nation in which we understand this question and answer as the foundation of civic and political life.
    Q: How should I treat others?
    A: There are no others.

    It’s not mere rhetoric that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are organically, socially, economically and psychologically united through the planet and her ecospheres, and through all our interlocking human systems. When we recognize this and start acting on it, we realize that the response to trauma and injustice must be healing and justice – punitive, violent, exploitive responses only increase the suffering in the world, including our own.

  5. My vision is of a country where we measure success not by GDP but by how effectively we achieve the greatest good for the greatest number of residents, whether or not they are citizens. Not just economically, either, but by all measurements of human happiness. I believe this would also mean a society where it is impossible for individuals to amass vast amounts of wealth.

  6. Thank you for asking the questions and thanks all who have commented thus far. It’s helping me today. <3

    • I view voting rights as primary for the sustaining of our democracy. So I wish for a nation where access to voting is a major priority – from easy registration, to easy voting methods, to incentives such as a day paid if you show you’ve voted or even better voting on the weekend or a holiday for voting, to complete transparency in money donated to candidates, to perhaps most ideal – a shortened time for the election period of no more than 6 months as most other countries have. The lost $ that go to support candidates could be used in so many better ways.

      • I agree. I also want to see a time when all citizens invest the time to learn about the issues and candidates. Voting should be a requirement of citizenship.

  7. I think its very important to visualize the positive and put out into the universe exactly what we want. (That being said, be careful about focusing too much on the negative)
    I am visualizing end of all fossil fuels, electric cars affordable for everyone, households run on sustainable energy, gardens planted everywhere (esp. on church land to serve their communities, how about tiny homes on church land?) homes that are affordable for everyone, universal healthcare, ensure elders are taken care of without astronomical cost, leaders who are qualified, have compassion, lead with foresight, care about the planet, citizens who respect and care for one another, who feel connected to the earth and all its inhabitants and want to preserve our plants for generations to come. Our mother, Mother Earth needs us to act now!

  8. I look for a nation where everyone learns about our history in detail, about our Constitution, and about how our government is structured. This, I hope, will lead more of us to be informed and thus to participate in our democracy by voting, engaging with elected officials, and even running for office, locally as well as nationally. Knowledge and participation! Thank you

  9. The answer is very simple. A society founded on hope rather than hate or fear. Even for those we vehemently disagree with (and there are many people who I could name that do great damage to society) we must remember that their actions, like anyone else’s are heavily influenced by the systemic factor of our society. Many people who perform evil acts do so out of fear, self preservation or simply a lack of seeing other options.

    The only way to break the cycle of hatred is to focus on the positive systemic changes we can make, rather than the ways we can attack those we don’t agree with. We must be compassionate but firm, understanding to those we disagree with, without accepting their actions. Hope is the only antidote to fear.

    “Fear Leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering”
    – Voltaire (oh wait no, that was Yoda)

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