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In a heart-wrenching week like this, maybe you need an uplifting reminder that speaking up leads to change. Here are two examples.

At AoCC, we believe in treating all people with decency and kindness no matter their immigration status. In our March 21 Checklist, we amplified Make the Road NY’s action to support the release of Edward Alonso Castillo from ICE custody. He was in danger due to his medical conditions. In that action, you joined efforts to call for his release. Even after he won his stay of removal (release), ICE continued to hold him in detention. But speaking up made a difference! Edward has finally been reunited with his family to seek the medical care he needs. We celebrate with him, Make the Road, their allies, and YOU for speaking up for Edward to make this happen.

We believe in equality for all people, which is why AoCC has been amplifying the concerns of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women activists. Did you know that the rate of disappearance and murder of indigenous women is 10 times higher than the national average? For decades (centuries, really), elected officials have ignored these statistics and the efforts of a small but vocal group of advocates. That is changing. We celebrate the announcement by Interior Secretary Deb Haaland (Laguna Pueblo) to support investigating cases of missing and murdered Native Americans. She recently appointed a unit chief position for policy solutions within the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and will ensure cross-agency collaboration to review unsolved cases and address current ones. We spoke up for Deb Haaland’s appointment, and we will continue to support the causes of Native people because speaking up together matters. We celebrate this progress with the #MMIW community and the promise of a safer and more equitable future.

The Americans of Conscience Checklist
We can help end violence toward Black and Asian people. We can ensure fair elections in 2022. Together, we can save lives and expand equitable democracy when we use our voices. Join us in speaking up.