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The threat of burnout is real

Our brains and hearts are not designed to survive prolonged periods of distress. And yet, most of the news and media sources we consume alarms us. The issues we care about, near and far, distress us.

Activists can sustain anger for only so long before they are injured by it. Efforts founded in resentment, cynicism, and escalation are damaging. It’s not the engagement itself, but hate-fueled messaging that leads to burnout and disengagement.

This is a problem

When fewer people participate, our progress stagnates. Movements for the planet and people need us all engaged at our unique level of ability.

An alternative

At Americans of Conscience, our actions come from kindness. By design, we advocate with conviction, rather than push or rage. We believe that our efforts for justice are not a battle, but a journey toward a thriving future.

Acting from kindness

We express gratitude—especially to those who take great personal risks to improve our planet, communities, and democracy. We celebrate signs of progress, however small. We don’t shame or blame, but we do hold people accountable for their actions.

By infusing kindness into every action, we seek to speak up not with fear but love. This is much more energizing to our minds and hearts. Kindness is sustainable long term and allows us to persevere together.

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  1. Thank you for helping to reminding me of the “kindness” . . . with so much injustice and heartbreak being witnessed day in and day out, I often feel enraged, disgusted, and ultimately exhausted.
    It is comforting to know of kindred souls out there trying to make a difference through love.

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