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Pausing to celebrate uplifting strides across the United States reminds us of the incredible potential for positive change. From breakthroughs in healthcare and legal reforms to inspiring environmental initiatives and uplifting examples of community support, this week’s “good newses” showcase the resilient spirit of America’s residents.

  • The Gila River Indian Community will install solar panels to generate electricity for crop irrigation.
  • The White House announces the Initiative on Women’s Health Research, an effort to close the gender gap in medical research.
  • A newly FDA-approved medication for Alzheimer’s disease will be covered by Medicare.
  • CA will change all future ballot referendum language to choose “repeal the law” or “keep the law” over the contradictory “yes/no” option.
  • MA becomes the the fifth state allowing incarcerated people to make phone calls for free.
  • MI becomes the 19th state to allow 16-year-olds to pre-register to vote, thanks to the work of our allies at The Civics Center!
  • MI extends its early voting period from nine days to 29 and now permits ride sharing apps like Lyft to provide discounted rides to the polls.
  • MS’s Supreme Court strikes down a portion of a law that would have undemocratically  deprived Jackson residents of the right to vote for their circuit court judges.
  • NY: Under the Clean Slate Act, returning citizens with criminal records will have their records automatically sealed, affording them better access to employment, housing, and education.
  • TN Rep. Justin Jones sues the speaker of the state House for unconstitutionally expelling him from his elected position.
  • Several Oklahoma school districts promoting accurate and complete social studies instruction by opting out of curriculum with an unaccredited nonprofit.
  • A legal settlement determines that people detained in CoreCivic’s immigration detention facilities have the right to labor protections.
  • Employees and some corporations explore retirement pensions instead of less stable retirement accounts.
  • The nonprofit RIP Medical Debt cancels $33M in debt owed by nearly 16,000 Cleveland residents thanks to funds allocated through the American Rescue Plan Act.
  • The startup CarbonBuilt works towards creating low- and zero-carbon concrete.
  • Students with children find support through the Virginia State University’s student-parent apartments and child care center.
  • Researchers and engineers improve safety by creating the first car crash test dummy modeled on a female body.
  • In his will, the unassuming Geoffrey Holt leaves $3.8M to his town of Hinsdale, NH.
  • A host of hundreds of thousands of Caribbean king crabs will help restore the ecosystem of FL’s coral reefs.
  • A species of holly tree thought to be extinct for nearly 200 years is rediscovered in Brazil.

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