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Creating change doesn’t always require opposition. Signing our gratitude letters is a vital part of a movement to encourage social change and a better democracy. Here’s how we know it’s working:
A letter from the President: In December 2021, 100 AoCC subscribers signed our letter of gratitude thanking President Biden for nominating new members of the USPS board. Last week, I had the pleasure of receiving a signed letter from President Biden, thanking us and affirming his commitment to improving this department.
A call from Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s office: In April, we thanked Michigan’s governor–with 309 signatures–for her proactive lawsuit seeking to uphold the right to abortion in Michigan. One of her staffers wrote to thank us for this recognition, then we met by Zoom to discuss our mutual goals for reproductive justice.
Not only does expressing gratitude encourage our leaders, the practice is also well-researched and includes many physical and emotional benefits for the giver and receiver. For these reasons, we include at least two “Acts of Gratitude” in every Checklist for you and others to enjoy.
Open this week’s checklist to find a few more courageous people to thank.