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Which concerning U.S. issue tops your list? 

Perhaps current developments in reproductive rights or increasing gun violence are at the forefront of your mind. Maybe you’re focused on broader issues like climate solutions or averting the demise of democracy. If you’re like a lot of people, your focus alternates between myriad issues, accompanied by a growing sense they’re all too big and numerous to solve.

We need to cut through the noise and focus on simple, effective solutions. The following articles provide clear direction (and even hope) to address our nation’s five greatest threats.

Threat 1: Cynicism and Apathy

Opposite sides of the same coin, cynicism and apathy are the reasons many Americans are not taking action right now. In a democracy, if we don’t use it, we lose it. The challenge is getting people to care enough to speak up and be part of the solutions. In the first of five articles, learn the single, most-effective way to overcome cynicism and apathy—others and and your own.

Read The Power of Intent: Channeling Cynicism into Purposeful Action

Threat 2: Misinformation

Have you noticed how friends and family are resistant to correct information? The current state of siloed news in the U.S. is profoundly toxic to our democracy. Yet there are ways to share accurate information that cuts through resistance. Learn all about what works in week two.

Read Unraveling Misinformation: Navigating Truth in a Divided World

Threat 3: Hate

Abuse aimed at people of different races, economic status, genders, religions, etc. is an abject failure of our society. While might hate seem intractable, it isn’t. In the third week, we’ll introduce you to straightforward solutions that stop hatred at its root, creating a kinder, more equitable nation.

Read Unveiling Hope: Confronting Hate with Courageous Action

Threat 4: Uncivil discourse

Collaboration is the key ingredient that makes democracy work. Disrespect and disdain kill it. We cannot tolerate extreme views, but most Americans have positive overlaps in their political Venn diagrams; The trick is learning to find them. In week four, learn techniques that restore trust, civility, and collaboration—in our neighborhoods all the way to Congress.

Read Navigating American Divisiveness: Polarized Challenges and Hopeful Solutions

Threat 5: News and social media

The myriad outlets that keep us informed can also be the cause of apathy, cynicism, and overwhelm. By design, corporate advertising plays to our fears, decreasing the quality and depth of information we need to understand important issues. In the final week, discover new strategies that keep you in control as a consumer of news media and informed as an engaged citizen.

Read Navigating the Maze: From Overwhelm to Empowering Media Consumption

What’s next

As we gear up for the next presidential primaries and election, there’s no time like the present to take an active part in your nation’s future. Addressing these threats strategically with thoughtful, doable steps can create the welcoming country we know is possible. In the coming weeks, look for clear ways to speak up and show up for our ourselves, each other, and future generations.

Who’s “we”?

We’re a community of Americans of conscience saving democracy, one action at a time. We’re Americans of every political party who believe we can create a kind and thriving nation by working together. If you’d like to join our effort, sign up for our twice-monthly Checklist of pro-democracy, pro-equality, pro-planet actions.


  1. I appreciate all that you are doing and especially the good news items. I am looking forward to some of the solutions you are considering. It takes courage and I am doing my best to keep on keeping on doing what I believe helps to contribute to a working democracy. Thank you.

  2. It seems like #2 amplified by #5 are the foundation for everything else? Add to that the increasingly widely-held ethos that the ends justify the means (disinformation, etc.), no matter the cost to society.

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