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This is how we get there

The journey toward justice is longer than an election cycle or a presidency or even a lifetime. As you’ve probably noticed, that ride can be a bumpy one, full of highs and lows and setbacks. In my experience, the most sustainable way to stay on that path is to be on it with company, alternating rest and engagement.


This week’s news that access to reproductive healthcare is set to be revoked at the federal level has left many feeling angry, exhausted, or hopeless. Now is the time to gain strength from the nationwide community of Americans of Conscience.

…And rest

This week, the AoCC team produced today’s Checklist while I hiked the green forests of Oregon. I am so grateful for them and this support to nourish. We’ve just implemented a sabbatical program for our whole team. In the months ahead, each team member can choose to take 2-4 weeks off from their roles, while the rest of us support their tasks.

Whether you’re new to civic engagement or a lifer, we hope you experience both action and rest with support from other committed, caring allies. This is how to keep justice moving forward.

Enjoy the journey with us at this week’s Americans of Conscience Checklist.