A six-part storytelling workshop to inspire ourselves to face today’s challenges

We’re living through a time in history that holds unprecedented dangers. The chilling effects of unchecked power and greed are dangerous enough, but the planet’s fate also hangs in the balance.

This daunting reality can bring on a host of conflicting feelings from anxiety and fear to pessimism and hopelessness.

The fact is, humanity has all the skills it needs to solve these issues. What it sometimes lacks is courage, but with good reason.

When the future seems bleak, where can we find inspiration and courage?

Well-told stories. 

One of humanity’s deepest wells of strength comes from the practice of recounting the stories of others who’ve gone before us, who faced similar challenges and persevered.

In books, movies, and private conversations, we discover how people we admire survived impossible odds. Even childhood fairy tales prepare us for going into dark woods (the unknown) and how to navigate our way out. 

A well-told story reveals this truth: Even impossible situations have solutions.

Who tells the stories today

We sometimes lack courage because fund-raising politicians and corporations know how addictive fear is. Their doom-filled narratives are profitable and keep us hooked and helpless. We can’t seem to tear ourselves away.

These toxic stories convey the idea that we face impossible odds and need someone powerful to rescue us. But we really don’t.

Claim your own courageous stories

Inside of you is a trove of experiences in which you did something you used to think was impossible. In the process of living through such times, you gained wisdom.

Our stories—yours and mine—are essential to inspiring ourselves and others. Our collective wisdom doesn’t just override the fearful narratives on our screens, story gives us hope to attempt the “impossible” with bravery and love.

Telling Courageous Stories

I’m offering a class to find and share your wisdom in story form.

Telling Courageous Stories is a six-part workshop offering tools and space to write a courageous story from your own life and to share it with others. 

Over six sessions, you will:

  • Choose one story to complete during the class.
  • Learn the six elements that make a story compelling and instructive.
  • Apply those elements to your story.
  • Get ideas for storytelling to a wider audience. 

If you want to be part of inspiring people to meet the challenges of our time, this is the class for you. If you want to understand and claim the bravery within you, this is the class for you. If you want to feel part of something bigger than yourself, I hope you’ll consider taking part.

All are welcome. You do not have to be “creative” or a writer to participate. All you need is a story (and believe me, you have one). 

My approach to storytelling isn’t creative writing, but rather consists of a step-by-step system. When you follow these steps, you end up with a compelling story that inspires people to find their inner courage. When we share these stories with each other, we gain wisdom, hope, and inspiration.

About Jen

While you may know me as the founder of the Americans of Conscience Checklist, I am first a storyteller. Since 2013, I have been writing both a personal blog about courageous journeys and a spiritual memoir about walking a 500-mile pilgrimage. What inspired me to tell these stories were people like Anne Lamott, Sue Monk Kidd, Elizabeth Gilbert, Barbara Brown Taylor, and Mary Karr who experienced difficult times and turned them into stories with an inspiring, universal message. Their wisdom changed my life. In turn, telling my own stories has inspired others.

I’m offering this class so you can do likewise.

What’s included in Telling Courageous Stories:

  • Full video recordings of three instructive 75-minute classes on storytelling techniques.
  • Full video recordings of two classes with shorter techniques, followed by real-time writing sessions.
  • Full video recording of the final class dedicated to sharing our stories. 
  • Exercises to help you tell your story in a compelling way.
  • Detailed class notes from each session.
  • List of suggested readings related to each class session.

Cost: $89 for the full class with six video recordings, notes, exercises, and list of suggested readings. PayPal and credit cards are accepted.

Thank you for considering signing up for this class. If you have any questions at all before making the leap, please get in touch. Please allow 24 hours for a reply.