Activist Self-Care: Engage With Love

While you’re clear about the issues that matter most to you, you are deeply affected by the awfulness and inhumanity of the powers working against your goals. How do we face greed and hatred without letting it seep into our souls? In this class, we’ll explore this question and the idea that how we do activism matters as much as what we do. Learn how to engage long term while protecting your well-being. Discover practices that work for you and keep you thriving.

Pay what you can: Fees collected for this class cover our expenses and support the work of Americans of Conscience. Please pay what you can or cover the admission of someone who can’t. PayPal and credit cards are accepted.

What you get: The Activist Self-Care worksheet, a detailed class outline, and a complete video recording of the full class to guide you through the process of completing the worksheet.