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Update: February 28, 2022

The Women’s Health Protection Act did not pass in the Senate today. While this outcome isn’t surprising, it is a loss for every woman, every person with a uterus, & every abortion care provider in the US.

Still, we are undeterred. The work toward equity in our health care system is a long journey as it overlaps with historically marginalized people including of women, people of color, undereducated people, and economically disadvantaged people.

Communicate with your elected officials

Take a moment to tell your two senators what you think (look up here) of their vote on this legislation.

  • If they opposed making abortion care a federal right (S. 1975), tell how their decision impacts you.
  • If they voted in favor, thank them *and* ask what they plan to do next to protect this right.

Ended: Time-sensitive action

On February 28th, Senate Majority Leader Schumer will have the Senate vote on the Women’s Health Protection Act. The bill has already passed in the House and aims to protect the right to access abortion care in every state.

Since this deadline occurs between our normal publishing dates, our team felt it imperative to provide you with an action in support of this bill.

Advocate for reproductive care without barriers.

[Sources: Center for Reproductive Rights, MomsRising]

Contact: Your two senators, regardless of party. (look up here).

Script: Hello, I’m a constituent from [ZIP] asking [NAME] to support the Women’s Health Protection Act which has just passed the House. This is important to me because our courts are allowing states “nullify [my/our] individual constitutional rights.” We must protect the rights of patients and the rights of health care providers to provide abortion care. Will [NAME] commit to supporting S. 1975?


When you complete this action, give a shout out in the comments for our tally. Thank you!


  1. Email to Schumer and Gillibrand even though we know they will support this. Gillibrand believes in getting these support emails.

    • Thanks from another Minnesotan! Even though they are likely to support the bill, we need to let them know we have their backs on this.

  2. Left messages for Tina Smith and Amy Klobuchar. Thank you for this alert! Wish I could have called someone from another state but they won’t listen to me.

  3. Done! I called Sen Feinstein (CA) and left a voicemail. There was no option to leave a voicemail for my other senator (Padilla), so I sent him a letter through his website using the above script.

  4. Well. I’m in CA so not all that helpful but Padilla’s mailboxes are all full and I added my name to the extensive list at Feinstein’s office.

    • Thanks for another Minnesotan. We have to show our support,even when our senators are in support! MN stay strong!

  5. Done! Contacted Todd Young and Mike Braun. Don’t expect any positive results, never get positiver from these guys here in Indiana but I keep trying!

    • I contacted both of mine, too, even though they’re sure to vote in favor of this bill anyway. Sharing your constituent opinions with your elected representatives is a big part of what AoCC (and democracy) is all about! Thank you for speaking up when it’s important. <3

  6. My senators are already co-sponsors, but I am forwarding your email to my family in other states.

  7. called both senators and forwarded on to my contacts. Thanks for all the amazing work you do for social justice!

  8. I just wrote to Sen. Wyden and Sen. Merkley from Oregon. I think they’re both voting YES, but it doesn’t hurt to reinforce the message.

  9. Phoned North Carolina Senators but unfortunately don’t have their support at this time! So Sad.

    • We hear you on this frustration. They’re supposed to represent ALL their constituents’ concerns, so it’s still useful to speak up to remind them they work for you and where you stand on issues like this. It takes many calls to make change happen, so than you for being part of the long-term solution.

  10. I called both Senators from Iowa, Ernst and Grassley this morning and left messages. Thanks for apprising me of this. I appreciate your work.

  11. I just left messages for both Senator Warren and Markey, who I’m sure are onboard anyway, here in Massachusetts.

  12. Contacted Warren & Markey although singing to the choir here. I believe all constituents voices must be heard.
    Also, I know this has nothing to do with this action, but I had to convey to them my anguish and heartbreak as to the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine…

    • You are not alone in that anguish. We’re seeing Miles 4 Migrants requesting donations of air miles to evacuate people when it becomes possible.

      And yes, most senators and house reps sped approximately 1.5 hours per day on constituent concerns (and a whopping 4 hours per day on fundraising). Making sure these concerns are on the top of the pile — even in favor — matters a lot. Thank you!

  13. Left messages and emails for Senators Murkowski and Sullivan. Fingers & toes crossed along with fervid prayers the WHPA passes!!!!

  14. Marsha Meyer
    February 25, 2022

    sent emails to my two senators from Michigan Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters
    Thank you for providing this information.

    • Awesome! They’ve gotten an earful from us in the last 24 hours (if you look at the comment section)!

  15. Left VMs for Senators Markey and Warren – very much anticipate they will be supporting! Thanks for making this so easy to follow

  16. Done. Contacted both Colorado senators.
    Thank you AoC for making my ability to stay engaged with my politicians easy and possible! I appreciate all you do.

  17. Done. My two WA state senators are wonderfully blue, but I’ve called them anyway.
    Thanks for everything you do.

  18. Done. In Michigan, we are fortunate to have two really competent Democratic Senators, Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters. I called them again to give them my full support

  19. I’m in the great State of Oregon, I was only able to leave a message for Ron Wyden-Dem, but I’m sure Jeff Merkeley will be voting yes on 1975 as he is a good Democrat. Thank you to everyone for your efforts

  20. Senators Reed and Whitehouse heard from me. Both will vote in favor of the WHPA!

    I threw in a “I never want to be pregnant or parent and my right to those decisions needs to be enshrined in federal law” for good measure.

  21. Called Sen Duckworth and had to email Sen Durbin because his lines were so busy. Asked for a YES on WHPA, a YES on Judge Jackson for SCOTUS, and a help Ukraine and all war refugees request.

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