Creating an Activism
Self Care Plan

A gentle guide for passionate souls

While taking action is vital to restoring our democracy, the Americans of Conscience Action Checklist also values taking good care of ourselves and each other.

Self care fuels your efforts to defend democracy, giving you energy and strength. Self care has deep roots in the 60’s civil rights movement and 70’s women’s liberation movement. The goal of self care is to cultivate internal resourcefulness—no matter what’s happening in the world around you. When we’re resourceful, we can do more together. Self care starts with reflection.


Take stock


What activities nourish your body, mind, spirit, and soul (e.g. time with loved ones, nature, movement, breathing, etc.)?



What are the current sources of positive feelings in your life?



How would you like to feel—ideally—as you work toward justice and equality?



What are the sources of negative emotions in your life?



What activities do you find depleting, discouraging, and/or stressful (e.g. not sleeping enough, social media, news, isolation, etc.)?



Make a plan


What would you like to stop doing or cut out of your life so you feel less depleted and more resourceful?



What nourishing activities would you like to begin doing?



How often would you like to do those activities?



Are there people you’d like to connect with in the next few weeks?



Important: How would you like to remind yourself to take these self care actions?



Is there anything else you’d like to do in order to practice self care?



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