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98 weeks to the Presidential Election

The AoC Checklist features clear, well-researched actions for Americans who value democracy, equality, voting, and decency. We are a big tent for all people who want a kinder, flourishing nation.

If you only have 10 minutes, take our top three suggested actions:

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In this edition of the AoC Checklist:

One action this week

Action 1: Insist your MoCs object to rising antisemitism and hate.

Source: AoCC

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Call: Call or email your MoCs (House Rep and both senators; look up).

Script: I am opposed to the hateful language of people like Kanye West, Nick Fuentes, and a Republican presidential candidate. With hate crimes rising, the time is now to publicly condemn any and all scapegoating of Jewish people; people who are lesbian, bisexual, or gay, people who are transgender, and people immigrating to the US. We already know where this rhetoric can lead. During this holiday season, I urge you to issue a clear, unequivocal statement of support for Jewish Americans, the LGBTQ+ community, and immigrating families, and to affirm our shared humanity. Thank you.

Giving Guide

Don’t know what to get the person who has everything? Consider making a donation to a good cause in their name. We offer this giving guide to non-partisan pro-equality, pro-democracy organizations for your consideration.


Social Justice

Food Justice

Reproductive Justice


  • The Trevor Project saves lives by helping LGBTQ+ youth reach out to a counselor if they’re struggling, and offers allies the tools they need to help others. (Suggested by Julia Figliotti, Social Media Co-Captain and Immigration Research Team Writer)


Environmental Justice


Voting and Democracy

A report on the actions YOU took this year

Together, AoCC subscribers and volunteer team accomplished a lot in 2022! (Huge thanks to Marissa B. for compiling this report!) 

  • More ways to get involved! This year, the Americans of Conscience Checklist included 13% more actions than in 2021, a total of 266.
  • More people did each action! An average of 99 people reported completing each action, an increase of 4.21% over 2021.
  • Doing more actions! This year, we saw the total completed actions increase by 9.68%, to a total of 25,642 actions!

The Second-Half Slide slid less! While reported actions are higher from January to June, actions tend to drop off July to December. This year, total actions taken dropped off less; in fact, you took 52.30% more total actions compared to last year!

Join the 0 Americans of Conscience who have completed this action by checking the tally box!

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Good News

This is a list of the AoCC team’s favorite good news in 2022. Did we miss one you’re happy about or celebrating? Add it in the comments below!



Social justice (race, religion, class, gender)

Reproductive justice



Environmental justice


  • The federal government erased $415 million in debt for nearly 16,000 students defrauded by for-profit colleges. 
  • Through a variety of channels, nearly $13 billion in student debt was forgiven by January 2022.
  • Orange County Schools Board of Education voted to keep three books regarding racism, segregation, and gender identity on school library shelves indefinitely, citing the books’ literary and social value to students.

Gun sense



Stronger democracy

News with heart

Permission to rest

Sam W., the AoCC Good News and Gratitudes Writer, said recently, “Caring people tend to worry that they’re not doing enough to help, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a break is a bad idea.The holidays are a time for resting and fun things before the slog of the rest of the winter (and also maybe a difficult Congress depending on what happens with the House). I can’t speak for our subscribers, but my overwhelming feeling directly following an election is that I need and want a break from politics.”

Taking a break is healthy. We’re sharing some of our team’s end-of-year plans in hopes it inspires you to rest up too:

  • In December, I’m channeling my inner European by unapologetically carving out two whole weeks for rest. I’m looking forward to doing crafts, working on my memoir, and snuggling up with a book and a mug of cocoa. I hope to succeed at staying off social media too! – Jen Hofmann
  • Hopefully reading more books and being on my phone less! – Bethany M.
  • Reading, physical therapy, and exercise (shoulder, hip, knee), find a good series on Netflix and/or PBS to binge, more sleep. – Julie D.
  • Meditate daily—as a “rest” from my mind, rather than another item on my to do list! More reading for pleasure. And taking time to really tune into my almost-grown-up kids before they head off into the world. – Julie M. 
  • I’ll be taking time off from work while my sister’s family is in town. To me, the holiday season feels like a regular old day-to-day with added chaos and expenses, so having intentional time away from my computer and with loved ones I don’t often see will help me experience the season as truly special, and not just a reason to stress out more than usual. – Julia F.
  • I will allow my own preferences to guide my holiday activities, rather than being pulled in various directions by others’ invitations. – Denise C.
  • Enjoying whatever the holiday has to offer this year, playing Skyrim, and exercising every day and getting outside to keep the endorphins going. – Dianna L. 
  • I am organizing drawers and closets, and donating, recycling, and throwing away things that are cluttering up my house. When I get rid of clutter, it frees up my mental space. – Janet Z.
  • I’m enjoying family activities now that my son is home from college for the holiday break, and I’m glad the four of us (me, husband, our two children) are together. – Wendy C.
  • No social media or work email Dec. 23-26 and Dec. 31-Jan.1. See friends I haven’t seen in a while; spend time doing something creative and walking each day. – Amy L.
  • Celebrating the holidays (and several birthdays!) with as many people I care about as possible. This means multiple gatherings with various branches of family and friends, all of which include food, gift exchanges, themed activities, and frivolity. I’ll also make sure to catch a couple light displays, both formal (at the zoo!) and informal (in the neighborhood!). – Sam W.

What will you do to restore the end of this year? Feel free to share below!


  • Jen’s message: Read this week’s Inspiring Message with messages of hope for 2023.
  • Gratitude: Publishing and sharing over 20 editions of the Checklist this year would not be possible without the amazing team behind it. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who makes it so awesome and meaningful to work in community. A special thanks to all who suggested ideas and research this week. Thanks also to our amazing patrons and donors whose sustained support helps us persevere.
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  1. My continued thanks for your work, your checklists, suggested actions, items of gratitude, and good news. I think all of us subscribers probably take even more actions than you’re able to count, than get “clicked” on the checklist. You help keep me hopeful.

  2. Hi Jen. MoveOn is encouraging us to tell our reps to speak out upon swearing in of electeds, requiring we abide by the Constitution and NOT allow those who committed sedition on Jan 6 to serve in such roles. I hope AoC does, too!

    Thanks for ALL you do.

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