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43 weeks to Midterm Elections

The AoC Checklist features clear, well-researched actions for Americans who value democracy, equality, voting, and decency. We are a big tent for all people who want a kinder, flourishing nation.

If you only have 10 minutes, take our top three suggested actions:

If you’re new to the AoC Checklist, welcome!
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In this edition of the AoC Checklist:

Contact your senators

Check the box if you made contact–whether for one issue or all–so we can count your action.

Look up your senators here.

Join the 0 Americans of Conscience who have completed this action by checking the tally box!

Your script: Hi, I’m from [ZIP] calling/writing again to ask Sen. [NAME] to:

I value demo­­­­cracy

With respect and collaboration, we work to create a nation that welcomes all people, expands freedoms, and upholds the Constitution. Each citizen must be able to freely and fairly elect those who represent their values.

Action 1: Keep election administration in your state from being usurped.

Source: Voting Rights Lab

Join the 0 Americans of Conscience who have completed this action by checking the tally box!

If you live in AK, AZ, GA, IA, KY, MI, MO, NH, PA, SC, or WI: Contact your state legislators (look up).

Script: Hi, I’m calling from [ZIP] because I’m concerned about pending legislation that interferes with local election administration. I urge you to vote NO on [BILL NUMBER FROM SPREADSHEET*] to keep [STATE]’s elections free of partisan tampering. Thank you.

* See columns titled “Interference with Local Election Administrators” and “Usurping the Role of State Election Officials”, both in the 2022 Legislation tab.

If you live in any other state: Donate to the Voting Rights Lab to fund their work to protect voting rights in all 50 states.

Action 2: Call on President Biden to support voting rights legislation.

Source: League of Women Voters

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Contact: President Biden, via the White House comment line or email contact form.

Script: Hi, I’m a resident of [ZIP] and I’m asking President Biden to publicly support the passage of the Freedom to Vote Act (S. 2747) and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (S. 4), even if changes to Senate rules are necessary. His public encouragement could get these crucial voting rights bills passed, protecting the freedom of all Americans to vote according to their consciences. Thank you.

Action 3: Help eligible incarcerated people vote.

Source: Spread the Vote

Join the 0 Americans of Conscience who have completed this action by checking the tally box!

Contact: Vote By Mail In Jail. This partnership between and Spread the Vote works to connect eligible incarcerated voters with citizen outreach teams who can help them exercise their rights to register and vote. Free training sessions are held monthly, and donations to fund this work are also gratefully accepted.

I value equality

Support the dignity of your rainbow of neighbors from every religion, race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, age, and ability.

Action 4: Encourage your employer to prioritize workplace equity.

Source: blkwomenshealth

Join the 0 Americans of Conscience who have completed this action by checking the tally box!

Contact: Your employer.

Script: I would like to encourage [COMPANY NAME] to participate in the Black Women’s Health Imperative Workplace Equity Initiative. As an employee, I want to actively support the well-being, inclusion, and positive workplace experiences of Black women. I’m asking [COMPANY NAME] to join the first cohort of companies to pilot the BWHI Equity Index and Fairness Training.

Note: Each person’s employment situation is different. Feel free to customize this script accordingly.

Action 5: Demand protections for child farmworkers.

Source: Americans of Conscience

A recent report on U.S. child labor laws highlighted the lack of regulatory protections for child farmworkers that has resulted in exploitation and dangerous working conditions. It is long past time to end these child labor abuses and bring our nation’s labor laws to humane standards.

Add your name: To our letter to U.S. Labor Secretary Martin J. Walsh before Jan 21, 22.

Action 6: Denounce government-led human rights violations.

Source: Freedom for Immigrants

Join the 0 Americans of Conscience who have completed this action by checking the tally box!

Contact: Alejandro Mayorkas at (202) 282-8495 (DHS comment line) or
Alejandro Mayorkas
Secretary of Homeland Security
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
245 Murray Ln. SW
Washington, DC 20528

Script: Hello, I’m reaching out from [STATE] because I am deeply disturbed by the ongoing human rights abuses carried out within New Orleans ICE Field Office jurisdiction. Detained aspiring Americans have long complained of torture, racism, and food deprivation at the hands of NOLA ICE officials. I’m joining human rights organizations in demanding you:

  • immediately and permanently close NOLA ICE facilities;
  • end all related contracts and release those inside to their communities;
  • undertake a comprehensive, impartial investigation of the NOLA ICE Field Office; and
  • share the results publicly.

Acts of Grati­­­­tude

Signatures to the forms below will be printed with a letter of thanks from Americans of Conscience, and mailed to the recipient 2 weeks after the Checklist publication date. Your information will not be stored after that date.

Thank rapper Logic for saving lives by including the National Suicide Prevention Hotline phone number in a song.

If you’d like to mail your own personal expression of gratitude, use this address: Visionary Music Group LLC, 102 Tullamore Rd., Garden City, NY 11530

Thank Gov. Tony Evers (D–WI) for vetoing a slate of bills that would have restricted access to abortion.

If you’d like to mail your own personal expression of gratitude, use this address: P.O. Box 7863, Madison, WI 53707

Good News

As Americans of Conscience, we celebrate!

Progress on issues featured in the AoC Checklist




  • MN: A former police officer is found guilty of manslaughter in the death of Daunte Wright.
  • NY: Serial sex trafficker is found guilty on five counts.
  • OH: The former police officer who fatally shot Casey Goodson Jr. is charged with murder.
  • RI launches the state’s first Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner program that will provide equitable access to medical and forensic care for survivors of sexual assault.
  • RI: Sec. of State Nellie Gorbea launches a new Open Government Center with resources to facilitate civic participation, including tips on testifying at the State House and explanations on how to read legislation.
  • WI: Gov. Tony Evers vetos a slate of bills that would have restricted access to abortion.



Groups and organizations

  • Disability rights activist Alice Wong encourages donations towards disability-related organizations and collectives in honor of the International Day of People with Disabilities.
  • Baskin Robbins employees continue striking for appropriate working hours, pay, and benefits.
  • A group of people from Haiti seeking asylum in the U.S. sue the Biden administration for committing human rights violations in the asylum system.
  • Physicians for Reproductive Health publish a resource guide to help journalists reporting on abortion do so with medical accuracy and compassion.
  • Voting rights advocates go on hunger strike to push for passage of federal voting rights legislation.
  • After striking for nearly 10 months, St. Vincent Hospital nurses ratify a new contract that will increase staff and improve patient care.
  • The World Health Organization launches Go Give One, which allows people to purchase vaccinations for lower income countries around the world.

News with heart

With Midterms fast approaching

The AOCC team is committed as ever to providing you with clear actions that expand voting participation and strengthen democracy. However, the Americans of Conscience Checklist cannot accomplish these goals without financial support. We have modest but real expenses required to operate. If you believe in the value of the AoC Checklist, view support options here and help us persevere together this year. Thank you!


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  1. Thank you to the whole team for the amazing work you do to help generate this list and inspire us to take action on important issues. This is really a remarkable resource that helps me feel engaged and empowered to help create positive change. Thank you!

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